Yuta Nakayama: 3D Muscle

  • ©2005, Yuta Nakayama



    3D Muscle


Creation Year:



    Two mobile phones controlled by special hardware


Artist Statement:

    In the 19th century, postcard-size stereoscopic photographs were very popular. 30 Muscle aims to recreate these photographs with 21st-century mobile communication technology that captures the
    perspective and depth we perceive in real life.
    Today, mobile phones are essential components of our daily lives. Camera phones, especially, enrich conventional audio communication by sending images. 30 Muscle is a stereoscopic moblog system that
    shoots stereographic images and posts them to a weblog using two mobile phones with cameras arranged in a line. A custom controller sends a serial communication signal to synchronize exposure times
    in the camera phones so they can be operated as one mobile device . This project is partially supported by CREST, JST.

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