Jonathan Wilkinson: Natalie

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    Interactive Panoramic Video Sequences


Artist Statement:

    Jonathan Wilkinson has worked in the creative industries for 15 years. His focus for the last 12 months has been channelled into development of an interactive panoramic video technique. His love of travel, cinema, and sound combined with his relatively recent discovery of virtual reality technology has offered him the inspiration and tools to pursue his new way of working. Inspired by the captivating cinematic experiences of times gone by, his experimental work recreates the entertainment value of the “big screen,” while placing the user at the intersection of both viewer and director, transforming traditional filmmaking into a personal experience, and uniting both art and technology to broaden the concept of creativity. These pieces comprise four ultra-high-resolution, interactive 360- degree panoramic video art pieces for intimate screen viewings. Viewers can interact with the images, pan 360 degrees, and explore the subtleties of each environment. Each piece is designed to pro the flexibility of interactive viewing, using manual controls, or passric
    viewing through an auto-pan facility. For the viewer, this is a multisensory experience that combines directional sound with seamless stitched high-resolution imagery. Viewers may linger over each of the four pieces, exploring details and revisiting scenes, or skip through them as they would through the pages of a magazine. Directional sound enhances the experience of intimacy, immediacy, and immersion, and allows the viewers to relocate themselves within the scene .

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