Sherban Epuré: Persona in Fields

  • ©2005, Sherban Epuré



    Persona in Fields


Creation Year:





    32 inches x 40 inches


Artist Statement:

    These works belong to the Meta-Phorms category. In keeping with the spirit of the Renaissance, Meta-Phorms are artworks that combine science, mathematics, and computer techniques, while pointing to spirituality. I coined the term to describe a special geometry developed as a tool for artistic creation that encapsulates cybernetic mechanisms. Mathematics encapsulates nature and knowledge through the use of symbols and abstract concepts. My process mixes the abstract concepts and disencapsulates the results in a reconfigured nature
    that is parallel and unforeseen. These elements of geometry can be understood as “thinking” entities, capable of discrimination and reacting independently when acted upon. Thus, a flow of information connects the two players: the artist and the artwork. Each reacts according to the information received from the other, which generates a creative dialogue. When rendered graphically, this dialogue grows into the final artwork. The computer and other Western technologies are the media of choice here, since these produce huge amounts of computation and visual signs. Moreover, the computer is involved directly in the creative process. It thinks, decides, and executes side by side with the artist. Its accuracy conveys a purity and emotional detachment that point toward the spiritual.The work is a mix of mathematical rules, fine art criteria, and technological capabilities that complement each other. During the work process, visual metaphors, or images, emerge, which can be glimpsed in the interplay of graphic shapes. The meanings accumulate and from them emerge suggestions which trigger surprise, inspiration, and intuition, thus causing continuously fresh artistic decisions. The narrative here is the story of the Meta-Phorm and is, in fact, its inner maturation, an inward growth toward virtual nature. The initiating idea, written as a mathematical statement, embodies itself, grows and materializes through many phases to end as a visual artwork. Thus, what is recounted here is the story of an idea becoming matter. The whole process might be thought of as micro-genesis, or Genesis writ small. Meta-Phorms reflect the relations linking the source or idea (creator), the process (creativity), and the material manifestation (the creation). In Hindu philosophies, the creator remains in and permeates each particle of the creation. Spirituality, or the awareness of the creator’s presence, becomes a part of the artistic expression. The idea of a bridge between western technology and eastern spirituality comes to mind.