Stephan Betz: Fall of Antioch

  • ©, Florian Witzel, Magid Hoff, and Stephan Betz



    Fall of Antioch



    Art animation




Artist Statement:

    The film is an experimental music video created for the musician Mike Paradinas, also known as “µZiq” at the University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, Germany. The main idea came from listening to the music on the Windows Media Player with the Particle Visuali­sation engaged. It inspired us to create images of a deserted urban landscape with pixels falling from the sky and splattering on the environment. The juxtaposition of this phenomenon with slow-mo­tion cinematography and attention to peripheral details (shadows on walls, street lights, exposed electrical wiring, etc.) combine to create an eerie sense of defamiliarization. From there on, we developed the story of one moment in a person’s life. With the theme for the video, we set off across Europe from Frankfurt to Nuremberg via Vienna to Bratislava to capture images inspired by the music and the places.

Technical Information:

    Hardware and Software

    Sony VX2100, Panasonic DVC Pro 50, Fuji S3 Pro, AMO Dual Op­teron 250, Softimage XSI, After Effects, Inferno, Avid, Photoshop, da Vinci 2K Plus.


    Special Thanks
    Jurgen Schopper, Gerhard Walliczek
    Produced at the University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg