“DigiWall” by Lindberg, Liljedahl and Lefford

  • ©Stefan Lindberg, Mats Liljedahl, and M. Nyssim Lefford


Entry Number: 07





    DigiWall is a sonically enhanced, 6m by 2.6m climbing wall with illuminating foot and hand grips. This large-scale, tangible interface forms a highly physical computer game interface. Sensors embedded in the grips along with seven audio speakers support computer-mediated, interactive, musical and physical games. Illuminated grips and spatially distributed sound sustain interactions by guiding climbers towards target locations, climbing speeds, etc. No computer or TV screen is incorporated into the wall. Instead, the climbing grips on the wall act as a very low-resolution mono-chrome display. In DigiWall interactions, most of the feedback from the computer system comes through sound rather than through visuals. Since the user does not have to keep her eyes on a screen, she is free to move over the whole wall. The immersive quality of the gaming experience is delivered through the sound of the games.

    Climbing demands strength, body coordination and control, endurance and flexibility. These challenges are combined in DigiWall interaction models which bring together the joy of playing games and the sense of presence and immersion offered by a rich sonic environment.

    DigiWall is mainly intended for public spaces and as such not only becomes part of the visual landscape but part of the sonic environment, as well. This necessitates an approach to sound design that not only delivers quality audio in open, active environs, but also creates an atmospheric component that immerses climbers in the activity and enhances the location where the wall is installed. DigiWall becomes an integrated, interactive part of that environment – a part that invites the public to create the mood and atmosphere within the space.


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