“Discrete Differential Geometry: An Applied Introduction” by Desbrun, Polthier and Schröder

  • ©Mathieu Desbrun, Konrad Polthier, and Peter Schröder



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    Discrete Differential Geometry: An Applied Introduction

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    Attendees should have a working knowledge of vector calculus and elementary linear algebra. Optional prerequisites: some lectures may also assume some familiarity with physical simulation, geometry processing, and triangle and tetrahedral meshes. Recommended but not required: a basic understanding of continuous local differential geometry and classical mechanics.

    Intended Audience
    Graduate students, researchers, and application developers who seek a unified understanding of the mathematics underlying common geometry-processing operations and how these fundamentals apply to problems such as Laplacian smoothing, surface fairing using prescribed curvature flow, remeshing, conformal parameterization, cloth/shell simulation, and fluid flow.

    An introduction to fundamentals of discrete differential geometry (DDG), a nascent area of computational science with exciting simulation and geometry processing applications. Lectures discuss continuous and discrete geometry in the context of cloth, shell, and fluid simulation as well as remeshing and parameterization problems.


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