“Neurological Gaming Environments” by Kaul

  • ©Paras Kaul

  • ©Paras Kaul




    Neurological Gaming Environments



    It has been said by members of past generations that computer gaming is destroying the minds of young people who have become addicted to playing games on their desktop computers. The number of games available through the average computer is increasing on a regular basis, and computer gaming has become a favored activity by youth and business around the world. For this reason, I have combined today’s gaming technology with brain wave research to create an intelligent gaming environment, that functions as a neurological learning tool for all ages.

    Concepts discussed in this paper are based on fourteen years of research using the IBVA, Interactive Brain Wave Visual Analyzer, a brain wave interface system designed to facilitate the interactive brain wave control of multimedia. The research includes monitoring and analyzing brain waves of hundreds of conference attendees in exhibition settings, as well as participants in controlled environments. Concepts presented in the paper relate to evolutionary change that will move us from our current perception of reality to a broader understanding of multiple realities.

    Survival in the future may require us to actualize latent capabilities that have not been taught in traditional education programs, that is, the capability for nonverbal communication, remote viewing, and self-healing. In order to effectively deal with issues that arise in the future, we need to draw upon these skills. Doing so requires more complete use of the brain to expand the human potential. This expansion will enable human intelligence to effectively deal with problem solving for the future. [Paras Kaul, “Brain Wave Interactive Learning: Where Multimedia and Neuroscience Converge”, 2005]

    The ability to perceive objects and events, beyond what is understood as our ordinary senses has been explored by physicists and metaphysicians, as well as by the federal government. Institutes as the Institute for Noetic Sciences, Consciousness Research Laboratory, Monroe Institute, Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and the International Remote Viewing Association, to name a few, have been formed to research these capabilities. Though the research is ongoing, it seems that some ideas are so paradigm shattering that they remain hidden in plain sight for many years. [D. Radin, Noetic Institute, 2001]


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