“ARTNATOMY (anatomical basis of facial expression interactive learning tool)” by Flores

  • ©Victoria Contreras Flores




    ARTNATOMY (anatomical basis of facial expression interactive learning tool)



    This resource has been designed and constructed in the context of the investigation of new methodologies in the general scope of the Fine Arts studies, to make easy the teaching and the learning of the anatomical and biomechanical foundations of the facial expression morphology. It does not try to add new data on the study object (we sent to the bibliography), but to order of graphical and textual form the already existing ones, taking advantage of the digital resources (attended animation, multimedia presentation techniques and interactivity) to make easy the visual understanding and the diffusion of the knowledge.

    We begin by describing the main goals of the application, how it can be useful in general for people studying those matters (professors, students, fine artists, animators, etc) and also for institutions and professionals not equipped at all. We then describe the basis of each level on the application and the use of the interface and the different functions. Finally we add a short technical description of the application.


    This application would not have been possible without the conceptual insights, and the texts that provide information on muscles, of Doctor Carlos Plasencia Climent of UPV (Polytechnical University of Valencia, SPAIN), author of “The human face (expressive observation of the face representation)”, published by the Polytechnical University of Valencia in 1993.


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