“Advanced Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games” by Evans, Wenzel, Oat, Sander and Mitchell

  • ©Alex Evans, Carsten Wenzel, Christopher Oat, Pedro V. Sander, and Jason L. Mitchell



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    Advanced Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games

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    Working knowledge of a modern real-time graphics API like OpenGL or Direct3D. Familiarity with the concepts of programmable shading and shading languages.

    Intended Audience
    Technical practitioners and developers of graphics engines for visualization, games, or effects rendering who are interested in interactive rendering.

    The amazing power of the latest GPUs has spurred a real osmosis of ideas between the game developers and state-of-the-art graphics research. This course presents innovative real-time algorithms from award-winning game engines and ground-breaking 3D rendering that are pushing the visual boundaries and interactive experience of complex virtual worlds. The techniques are applicable in real-time and offline domains. Attendees will learn several innovative highly optimized algorithms in various areas of real-time rendering.


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