“livePic” by Katsura and Inakage

  • ©Makoto Katsura and Masa Inakage


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    livePic is an interactive product which expands the drawing experience. livePic enables us to “move” and “control” the pictures we draw. When the user makes a certain action to the canvas, the pictures on the canvas move as if they are alive. Many of us must have happy drawing time memories of childhood. livePic redesigns the relationship between the canvas and the user, also offering new experience and impression. Specifically, the main interface of livePic is an interactive digital board, which the user can draw the picture on. It is equipped with a wind sensor, a tilt sensor, a pressure sensor and a microphone for voice-recognition. The system senses several actions by the user, and adds animations to the pictures as a feedback. For example, the system can sense the user’s breath, voice, a tilt or a jiggle. livePic converts these actions, and gives the picture a movement as if the picture is alive.

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©Makoto Katsura and Masa Inakage ©Makoto Katsura and Masa Inakage


    This project is partially granted by CREST/JST. The authors thank: Shigeyuki Takeuchi, Takahiro Arakawa, Kenji Iguchi, Satoru Tokuhisa for valuable comments of the draft of the paper.


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