“Designing a Multimedia Center for Everyone: The Freedman Center” by Bendis

  • ©Jared E. Bendis




    Designing a Multimedia Center for Everyone: The Freedman Center



    The Freedman Center is Case Western Reserve University’s new multimedia lab built for Faculty, Staff, and students. Providing them with the tools and experiences needed to create dynamic multimedia presentations. But, designing a center for an audience with such a wide variety of needs, interests, and skills can be a challenge. In addition to creating a friendly and useful environment the Center also has to focus on maximizing its limited resources.

    To that end the Center has taken a middle of the road approach to hardware and software. Everything (for the most part) in the Freedman Center is affordable so that not only is the equipment friendly (not scary) but for those that want to purchase their own it is also very accessible.


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