“A Great Big Robot From Outer Space Ate My Homework” by Shirra

  • ©Mark Shirra  Vancouver Film School


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    A Great Big Robot From Outer Space Ate My Homework




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Vancouver Film School

Additional Contributors:

    Story and Visual Design: Mark Shirra
    Animaton, Modelling, Texturing, Lighting: Mark Shirra
    Cinematography: Mark Shirra, Jericca Cleland-Hura
    Editing: Mark Shirra
    Sound Design: Asle Hundvin
    Voices of Miss Spleen and Mr. Bertie Lated: Mark Shirra
    Producer: Larry Bafia
    Project Management: Barbara Dawson
    Mentors: Larry Bafia, Jericca Cleland-Hura, Jonathan Moyes, Mike Haslam, Sarah Hill, Mark Benard, Casey Kwan, Barbara Dawson
    Thanks to Instruction from: Jay Senetchko, David Whitmey, Mike West, Moose Pagan, Glenn Van Ooyen, Paul Dos Santos, Steve McLeod, Charlie Grant, Matthew Massier, James Roberts, Jesse Irvin, Dan Hughes, Magic Eslami, Keith Blackmore, Chad Van Der Keere
    Special Thanks to: Jericca Cleland – Hura, Larry Bafia, Asle Hundvin, Casey Kwan
    Editing Supervisor: Lisa G. Nielsen
    Sound Engineering: Brett Anthony and Andrew Kalmbach
    3D Administration: Larry Bafia, Susan Postma, Hiroko Horie

Animation / Video Overview: