“Fabcell:Fabric Element” by Shibutani and Wakita

  • ©Midori Shibutani and Akira Wakita


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    Fabcell:Fabric Element



    Fabcell is a flexible, non-emissive, and multi-color fabric module. In Fabcell, fibers dyed with liquid crystal ink and conductive yarns connected to electronic components are woven into a square textile. By applying voltage to the conductive yarn, and changing the fabric’s temperature, the color of fabric surface can be changed. Arranged in matrices, Fabcells display images on the curves of flexible textiles. And used for clothing or with soft objects, it enable them a new expressions of visual imaginary.

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    BERZOWSKA, J. 2004. Very Slowly Animating Textiles: Shimmering Flower, SIGGRAPH 04 Conference abstracts and applications, ACM Press.

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©Midori Shibutani and Akira Wakita


    The research is supported by the Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST) project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). And special thanks to Taishi Hori, Mariko Higaki, Sohei Kitada, Seitaro Taniguchi, Kayoko Oya.


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