Ergun Akleman: Symmetric Sculptures

  • ©, Ergun Akleman




    Symmetric Sculptures





    10" x 20" x 20"


Artist Statement:

    This new sculptural family was created with interactive topological modeling. With this procedure, tested in a computer-aided sculpt­ing course, students can rapidly create a wide variety of shapes. Although the shapes are completely different, they indistinguishably belong to the same family. The shapes are manifold surfaces, so they can be easily reproduced using 30 printing. Because of their strong symmetry, they can be constructed using a few building blocks. Current investigations are exploring physical construction of large versions (more than three meters square) of these complicated shapes using low-cost materials such as concrete.

Technical Information:

    These sculptures are created using TopMod, a topological modeling system developed by Ergun Akleman, Jianer Chen, and Vinod Srinivasan with the contributions of more than 10 graduate students.

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