Gil Bruvel: Mask of Intent, Mask of Sleep, Mask of Whispers

  • ©, Gil Bruvel



    Mask of Intent, Mask of Sleep, Mask of Whispers



    Stainless steel, 3D modeling and rapid-prototyping sculpture


    11.5" x 6" x 6"


Artist Statement:

    My masks represent my fascination with perception. I see the tension or “ambivalence” between what I call “constraint and freedom,” that the individual human perception of self and psyche can either limit or liberate. We have the ability to make ourselves our own prisoners – but we can also free ourselves as well. These masks seek to ex­amine the mutable nature of identity in order to understand the ways in which individuals perceive and represent themselves to the world.

    Nowadays, culture is not about the art so much as it is about what it can represent socially.

Technical Information:

    For his 3D modeling, Gil Bruvel uses modo, Maya and Zbrush, and for STL file manipulations, Magic X from Materialise. He typically builds his sculptures from very simple polygonal meshes that he turns into subdivision surfaces with modo. Once the modeling is finished with modo, he does some detailing in ZBrush. When he considers the sculpture finished, he converts the polygonal mesh into an STL format, and then uses Magic X to fix the parts or cut them into different parts if necessary to fit the building block of his 310 Zcorp printer.

    He also uses another rapid prototyping process from ProMetal, printing his 3D models with an R2 Direct Metal machine. This process is capable of producing components directly in metal that would be otherwise impossible to produce by any other means, examples are shown above. Bruvel considers this a revo­lutionary process that is changing the paradigm of the creative process.

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