Jean Detheux: Rupture

  • ©, Jean Detheux






    Art animation




Artist Statement:

    This short abstract film with dark accents appears like a fleeting dream in which forms come and go like ghosts in the midst of nocturnal chaos. It was created by way of an original approach to digital animation (“fortuitous accidents”) based on an unusual exchange between director/animator Jean Detheux and composer Jean Derome. With no storyboard, no preconceived idea of where to go, Detheux gave Derome a silent clip to set music to. Detheux then took that music and made new images for/from it. Derome took the new images and made new music for them, and so on, until Detheux and Derome had about 50 minutes of original material to work with. Editing produced two films, Liaisons (9 minutes) then Rupture (about 3 minutes).

Technical Information:

    Hardware and Software

    Power Mac 95, Synthetik Studio Artist, Apple Final Cut Pro, Corel Painter.

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