Lucy Blackwell: Alive

  • ©, Lucy Blackwell






    Art animation




Artist Statement:

    Two insects are born into a luscious, alive world of food. As they explore their home, they realize they are living inside a tiny bubble. One of the insects decides it’s time to escape. In the process of breaking out of their protective little bubble, the “alive” vibrant world becomes polluted, and the trapped insect suffers the consequences. How we personally affect one another directly affects the environment we live in.

    The food animations were created using a high-end digital still camera that captured the pictures directly to the computer frame by frame. By capturing the frames at a higher dpi than video, I could take the image sequences into After Effects, scale them, and exten­sively manipulate them without losing quality in the final output.

Technical Information:

    Hardware and Software

    Digital still camera, G4 Powerbook, Adobe After Effects, Canon Remote Capture, Framethief

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