Santiago Lombeyda: Emergence: Order

  • ©, Santiago V Lombeyda



    Emergence: Order



    Algorithmic image


    48" x 24"


Artist Statement:

    There is a duality in nature between waves and particles, between the continuous and the discrete. This artwork presents a carefully crafted, mathematically based, drawn spiral, using a continuous sequence of discrete rendered spheres. The artwork represents the duality between order and chaos. It allows the viewers to either emo­tionally or intellectually focus on the mathematically generated spiral line, or rather to focus on the mania of the space as a whole.

Technical Information:

    A small set of spheres was pre-rendered using a purely algorithmic/ parametric approach in order to serve as atomic elements for the rendering. Then the spirals were drawn using these pre-rendered maps as 3D sprites on a 2D canvas with a depth mask. This allows lighting conditions to be captured on the original rendered spheres and then simply reused throughout the canvas, in a fast, sprite-like sequencing of the 3D elements.