Diane Vetere: do you see what i see 15

  • ©, Diane Vetere



    do you see what i see 15



    2D painting, pigment print


    36" x 36"


Artist Statement:

    In the fall of 2005, as a result of their interest in my previous work and techniques, a class of college students taking an introductory digital art class invited me to give a virtual tutorial. To give them a taste of how I work, I proposed “painting machines” that they could create by recording actions using standard Photoshop filters. During the development of the tutorial, I discovered bugs in a couple of the standard Photoshop CS2 filters, which at first annoyed me because they could compromise the tutorial, but then they intrigued me. The combination of the bugs and the “painting machine” technique that I developed for the students resulted in this series of work.

Technical Information:

    The work began with a low-resolution photograph used as a color base and then was manipulated entirely in Adobe Photoshop CS2 using standard filters and exploiting certain bugs. One of those bugs is that the cutout filter breaks with certain complex images, returning what can only be described as shards. The other is that the shear filter returns straight or angled lines instead of curves if the filter has not been run at least once outside an action.