Giovanni Pintore

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  • CRS4, Senior Research Engineer


  • SIGGRAPH 2020

    Giovanni Pintore is a senior research engineer at the Visual Computing (ViC) group at the Center for Advanced Studies, Research, and Development in Sardinia (CRS4). He holds a Laurea (M. Sc.) degree (2002) in Electronics Engineering from the University of Cagliari. His research interests include methods for 3D reconstruction of structured indoor scenes from images, multi-resolution representations of large and complex 3D models, as well as visual computing applications of mobile graphics. He has published a number of works in the field of both interactive and automatic reconstruction  of indoor structures and has given several courses in international conferences, such as Eurographics, SIGGRAPH  Asia, and 3DV, focusing on mobile capture and metric reconstruction of architectural scenes. He has contributed as a key developer and manager in international industrial and research projects in the areas of security, space exploration and smart cities. He served as program chair, editor and reviewer in international conferences and journals.  

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