“CyberFashion Area” by Gordon, Berzowska, Coelho, Kenyon, Easterly, et al. …

  • ©Isa Gordon, Joanna (Joey) Maria Berzowska, Marcelo Coelho, Matthew Kenyon, Doug Easterly, Jan Hansen, and Greg Priest Dorman


    Area Chief: Isa Gordon This year, instead of staging an event, the CyberFashion Area presents a series of workshops on wearable technology:

    Smart Fabrics
    Joanna Berzowska
    XS Labs and Concordia University
    Marcelo Coelho
    XS Labs

    Circuit Building & Bending
    Aesthetics & Meaning
    Matt Kenyon
    Doug Easterl
    y S.W.A.M.P

    Basic Electronics
    Janet Hansen
    Enlighted Designs

    DIY Wearables
    Greg Priest Dorman
    Vassar College

    The Guerilla Studio also presents sessions on the general field of CyberFashion, the state of the art in wearable computers, and the future of lighted clothing.

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