“bubble cosmos” by Nakamura, Inaba, Tamaoki, Shiratori and Hoshino

  • ©Masahiro Nakamura, Go Inaba, Jun Tamaoki, Kazuhito Shiratori, and Junichi Hoshino


Entry Number: 03


    bubble cosmos



    In the field of entertainment, fantaraction is aggressively being developed these days. Fantaraction places emphasis on entertainment and art and imparts momentary surprise or pleasure. This paper proposes a bubble display system (Fig.1) that projects an image onto a real bubble containing smoke and changes the sound effect and image when the bubble bursts. This system enables a user to interactively enjoy written characters or other images projected onto a smoke-containing bubble, and a beautiful tone sounded upon bursting of a bubble, along with a different image projected onto the smoke. To detect a bubble and determine its bursting, a camera input image is divided into areas and each area is checked for a bubble. The bubble position and size are also detected, and an image is projected from a projector.


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