“3D or Not 3D – That is the question!” by Garvey

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    3D or Not 3D – That is the question!



    Should an introduction to 3D computer graphics and animation be a part of a general core curriculum requirement for all design majors regardless their concentration, track or degree?

    At ACM-SIGGRAPH it is taken for granted that a working knowledge of 3D computer graphics is a valuable if not necessary part of a versatile skill set to prepare design graduates for future job opportunities. In an era dominated by dazzling 3D effects in video games, feature films along with the growing use of interactivity and web3D over broadband connections, knowledge of 3D can give a job candidate a competitive edge. With the creation of next-generation Internet2 architectures supporting high-performance networking, there will be a growing need for professionals who think in both “2D” and “3D.” There is a similar convergence of skill sets needed for content creation for video iPods and the next generation of mobile devices. Graphic designers will find freelance opportunities as a spillover from these developments.

    A working knowledge of 3D is an obvious requirement to prepare students for the fields of animation, architecture, product design, industrial design, and package design as well as any design field where 3D plays an important role in the profession. It is less obvious that exposure to 3D is necessary for students pursuing advertising design, communication design, graphic design, book design, typographic design, illustration, information design or scripting/programming for website development.


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