Peter Bardazzi

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  • NYU - New Media Development


  • SIGGRAPH 2006

    Peter Bardazzi


    NYU Center for Advanced Digital Applications

    Peter Bardazzi is an artist, professor of the digital arts and director of new media. He founded and directed the Center for Advanced Digital Applications at New York University in 1996-2004, developing its curriculum, facility design, and philosophy. He also co-founded the digital animation area at NYU’s Tisch School of Art. Later at CADA, he created a wide-ranging graduate program in digital imaging and design based on his concept of a “Digital Bauhaus”. He has exhibited his work at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Neuberger Museum, the Brooklyn Museum; and is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY. In addition Mr. Bardazzi has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, E-Entertainment and VH1-TV and quoted in the LA Times, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, NY Times and Associated Press, on the subject of New-media, film and the pop-culture. Today Peter Bardazzi is developing a comprehensive curriculum based on the integration of new-media and experimental video while working on his own interactive documentary film.

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