“Attribute Activation: An Approach for Learning Visual Representation” by Steed

  • ©Marlo B. Steed

  • ©Marlo B. Steed

  • ©Marlo B. Steed

  • ©Marlo B. Steed




    Attribute Activation: An Approach for Learning Visual Representation



    This paper will present an instructional approach entitled, “Attribute Activation” for creating and understanding visual representations. This is a technique based on cognitive theory. It will facilitate the construction and critique of visual images by slowing students down to be systematic. This instructional approach will encourage students to identify the important elements of a portrayal and understand how meaning is constructed. This document includes a literature review that explores the power of visual literacy for learning, a brief exploration of individual differences in visual processing, visual selectivity, visual problem solving, and attribute activation theory. It goes on to describe how new media and technology can be used to enhance the Attribute Activation technique. Finally, the implications for visual education will be discussed.


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