“The Art of “Open Season”: Traditional 2D Styling With Today’s Bells and Whistles” by Jupiter, Ikeler, Lurie and Hollier

  • ©Amy Jupiter, Doug Ikeler, Darren Lurie, and Thomas Hollier



Entry Number: 09


    The Art of "Open Season": Traditional 2D Styling With Today's Bells and Whistles

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    Anyone who is interested in adapting traditional storytelling techniques to animated feature films. Understanding of 3D and CGI is helpful but not required.

    Intended Audience
    Traditional and computer animators, visual effects artists, educators, producers, technical directors, storytellers, visual concept artists, and developers.

    A detailed behind-the-scenes view of how a team of digital artists and technicians can work closely with a team of talented traditional storytellers and artists to create a feature animated film. The course demonstrates how the most advanced technology and tools were developed from concept to screen.


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