Toshihiro Kamei: CODE_LINE_Red

  • ©, Toshihiro Kamei






    3D-modeled image, inkjet print


    16.5" x 11.6"


Artist Statement:

    In making this work, I started by observing real plants to under­stand their form and structure. The shape of the virtual plants in the CODE_LINE series was created by writing a computer program based on the regularity of natural plants.

    The objects in CODE_LINE were expressed using glass-like textures to express the plant’s delicacy, which collapses if only slight pressure is applied. Though all living things have a strong vitality for survival, they also ultimately contain the potential to collapse. When there is perfect balance between these states, it is like the moment the strained thread snaps, life displays its most beautiful appearance. This work expresses that moment.

Technical Information:

    The shape of the plant forms in CODE_LINE was created using an original algorithm. The following procedure was used:

    1. The base path was drawn which defined the direction where the plant could grow.

    2. Circles were made along the path; each radius of the circle varied.

    3. The surface was created by connecting the circles.

    4. The surface was smoothed and textured.

    5. The forms were rendered and composited.

    This procedure was performed using Lightwave3D and LScript. By using this method, it was possible to generate shapes which were difficult to create using the lathe tool.