“QTKit: A Modern Framework for Multimedia Applications” by Johnson

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    QTKit: A Modern Framework for Multimedia Applications

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    Some familiarity with QuickTime. Prior experience with the Cocoa application framework is recommended but not required. A laptop running Mac OS X (version 10.4 or later) is useful for attendees who want to follow along with the presenters as they develop sample applications using QTKit.

    Intended Audience
    Existing Cocoa programmers (and Carbon programmers wanting to make the jump into Cocoa) will benefit most from this course. They will learn how easy it can be to embed advanced multimedia capabilities into their applications using QTKit.

    An in-depth look at QTKit, one of Apple’s newest media technologies, presented by its chief architect and one of its key third-party adopters. Attendees learn how to harness the power and flexibility of QuickTime from their Cocoa applications.


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