“Qt 3D – A Data-Driven Renderer for Mortals”

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  • ©Sean Harmer



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    Qt 3D - A Data-Driven Renderer for Mortals



    Qt 3D is a soft real time simulation framework that provides visualization by way of a data-driven renderer. Qt 3D is part of the Qt cross platform development framework making it easy to integrate into your own code base. Qt 3D makes adding 3D content to your engineering, content creation, simulation, or business applications as simple as possible.

    The renderer of Qt 3D is configurable in a data driven manner by way of a frame graph data structure. The frame graph encodes the rendering algorithm that should be applied and can be freely altered at runtime to allow dynamic adaptations for changing scene types or performance requirements.

    In addition to a highly configurable renderer Qt 3D is a fully extensible framework that allows users to write their own subsystems providing new functionality (e.g. collision, positional audio, physics). Such subsystems can easily take advantage of Qt 3D’s highly threaded architecture. Qt 3D provides intuitive APIs for both C++ and QML, a declarative language based on JavaScript, and can be trivially integrated with Qt Quick 2 to provide fluid 2D user interfaces.


    Krause, V., Winter, A., Wolff, M., Funk, K., and Kreuzkamp, A., 2016. Gammaray – Qt introspection and debugger tool. https://github.com/KDAB/GammaRay.
    The Qt Project, 2016. Qt cross platform toolkit. http://www.qt.io.



    I would like to thank all those who have contributed directly, or in- directly to Qt 3D and to Qt in general and for making the Qt Project such a pleasant place to contribute. In particular, full and hearty appreciation to Paul Lemire, Kevin Ottens, James Turner, Mauro Persano, Giuseppe D’Angelo, Volker Krause, Marc Mutz and all the others that have contributed or been there to bounce ideas off. Thank you to my employer, KDAB, for indulging my fascination with all things 3D and allowing me to work on fun projects and travel the world.


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