Maria Palazzi

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • The Ohio State University, Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) and Design, Assistant Professor

Other Affiliation(s):

  • Rutgers University


  • SIGGRAPH 2006

    Maria Palazzi is the Director of the Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design (ACCAD) and an Associate Professor of Design at The Ohio State University. Professor Palazzi received her Masters Degree in Art Education, specializing in Computer Animation, and a BSID in Visual Communication Design from The Ohio State University. From 1983 to 1987 she was a senior animator for Cranston/Csuri Productions, a pioneer in commercial applications of computer animation. Palazzi joined Rutgers University as an Assistant Professor of Art and Coordinator of the Art Department’s Computer Graphics Lab in 1987. In 1991 she accepted a position at Ringling School of Art and Design as Department Head where she developed and implemented a new BFA program in Computer Animation. In her current position, at ACCAD, she fosters research and instruction of computer graphics and animation. The Center provides campus leadership in computer graphics, visualization, motion studies and animation to support instruction and research in the arts and the sciences. Palazzi’s recent collaborative research projects include Jane, Diary of a Dinosaur with the BurpeeMuseum of Natural History, Rockford, IL and A Folk Dance Model of Digital Assets for a Cultural Movement Resource Prototype with OSU professors Mockabee (Dance) and Bender (East Asian Language and Literature). Palazzi also leads ACCAD’s summer program Digital Animation: A Technology Mentoring Program for Young Women.

    SIGGRAPH 1990

    Marla Palazzi is both an Assistant Professor of Art and Coordinator of the Computer Graphics Lab at Rutgers-Camden. She has worked as a Technical Director/Senior Animator at Cranston/Csuri Productions and is currently a member of The Group in New York City. Palazzi received her B.S. degree in Industrial Design and her M.A. degree in Computer Graphics from The Ohio State University.  

    SIGGRAPH 1989

    Maria Palazzi is an Assistant Professor of Art with Rutgers University. As coordinator of the computer graphics program, she oversees the development of curriculum in computer graphics and animation. Maria has been a Technical Director and Senior Animator with Cranston/Csuri Productions of Columbus, Ohio and an Art Director/Animator at Telezign of New York. She is currently an independent producer with Ampersand of New York City. Maria holds a B.S. in Industrial Design and an M.A. in Computer Art/Animation from The Ohio State University.

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