David Schwan: Time Away

  • ©, David Schwan



    Time Away



    Art animation




Artist Statement:

    Time Away is an abstract representation of the psychological change that occurs during creation of a work of art. The change begins slowly, while the artist’s mind is distracted by everyday thoughts. As the artist continues to work on the piece, thoughts begin to dissi­pate, and the mind begins to free itself. Instinctual creative processes begin to take over.

    The audio was created using traditional and electro-acoustic audio techniques. All sampled sound originated from the violin via traditional bow techniques as well as experimental methods such as banging on, scratching, and scraping. The sound files were digitally manipulated and arranged to create a composition.

Technical Information:

    Hardware and Software

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, DSP Quatro, Logic Pro.

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