Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham

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  • Long Beach, CA, United States of America



  • Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham is a visual artist and designer working in mixed media/digital fine art, graphic design, and creative production.

    Born in Seoul, South Korea, Sheri came to the U.S. at the age of two. Growing up in an artistic household, her artist mother provided ample materials and encouragement for her various creative endeavors. She received a B.A. in Studio Art from California State University Long Beach in 1982, and since then has pursued a dual career in fine art and design.

    As a fine artist Sheri’s work takes the form of mixed media combinations of computer imagery with traditional art media, and digital works created entirely on the computer. She uses both “off the shelf” and her own proprietary software in developing a wide range of unique image making processes. Sheri’s fine art has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally since the mid-1980’s.

    A design professional since 1980, Sheri has extensive conceptual and production experience in graphics and design. She has run an independent art and design service since 1993 specializing in graphic, product, surface design, and online media development. In 2010 Sheri joined a long time creative colleague in forming Pepe & Sherina Designs, focused on developing creative UPcycled products; and is creative director for their start-up venture UPcyclity® The UPcycling Community.

    Sheri is also an active member of the Long Beach artists collective FLOOD, producers of soundpedro and PUMP. Sheri actively seeks art exhibition, commissions and freelance design opportunities. Sheri lives and works in Long Beach, CA.

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