Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham: Tortuosity #37

  • ©2004, Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham



    Tortuosity #37


Creation Year:



    Digital painting: Epson inkjet and acrylic on paper, over masonite


    48 inches x 36 inches


Artist Statement:

    The Tortuosity series (two early pieces were shown in the SIGGRAPH 99 Art Gallery: technOasis) continues to evolve in new and intriguing ways. I am always interested in finding new ways to depict visions of structured chaos, and the tangled web of flowing and ebbing forms in my recent Tortuosity paintings brings this to a new level. The forms twist and turn in and out of themselves, engulfing the viewer with a combination of rhythmic visual dynamics and elements akin to riffs in a jazz improvisation.

Technical Information:

    Tortuosity digital paintings are created on Macintosh computers, entirely in Adobe Photoshop. Individual units, which I call “Elementals,” are hand drawn on a Wacom graphics tablet. The act of painting Elementals is meditative, and the act of combining them revelatory. Combining many Elementals using various layering techniques builds up the image complexity in ways only the computer can accomplish. Finally, the imagery is printed on an Epson ink jet printer, then collaged onto the final display surface.