SIGGRAPH 1997: Ongoings

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Over the years, artists have pushed the boundaries of computer art. In their ongoing explorations, they have invented their own creative processes, and they have achieved unique visual languages.

Ongoings: the Fine Arts Gallery presents an in-depth look at computer­-based artists and their work. The exhibition breaks from SIGGRAPH traditions by presenting a body of work for each of a few artists, as opposed to exhibiting a survey of recent works by many artists. Thus, the Ongoings Gallery showcases artists’ ongoing creative visions. In conjunction with Ongoings, Sketches features an Artist Presentation Session, where the artists can discuss their processes and content.

Artworks for Ongoings were selected in a competitive, open-submission process. Artists were welcome to submit either a long-term progression of work, including current work, or they could submit their current body of work. We particularly encouraged submission of works that use the computer in a creative way. As it turned out, the majority of the submis­sions were print works.

The Curatorial Advisory Committee spent three long days reviewing the work and composed a list of finalists; their recommendations were pre­sented to Geno Rodreguiz, a curator at The Alternative Museum, for final decisions. Once the list of artists was finalized, the exhibition evolved as individual works for each artist were selected. In the end, six artists were selected to exhibit a large number of works, and seven artists were selected to exhibit two or three works. Some of the artists are new to the SIGGRAPH audience, while others are long-time favorites.

In producing an exhibition of this sort, my goal was to create a place for the world to see the ongoing creative vision of artists who are dedi­cated to the use of technology in their art. My hope is that the audience will come away with an understanding of the passion of these artists.

Lynn Pocock, Pratt Institute


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  • Robert Mallary   
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Ongoings: the Fine Arts Gallery is dedicated to the memory of my mentor and friend, Robert Mallary.

I am one of the pioneers of computer art, having worked continuously in this now increasingly popular field of art and technology since 1967, the year I learned of the computer’s remarkable ability to generate and transform images. But my interest in the creative integration of science, technology, and art goes back to the early fifties, when my ground-breaking experiments with polyester and other plastic materials eventually gave rise to the series of assemblage relief constructions, wall sculpture, and “tuxedo” figures for which I became known during the brief halcyon days of Neo-Dada and assemblage art in the early sixties.

My contributions to computer art over the years include: learning to write and use my own computer programs; developing the first program, TRAN2, for the computer-aided design of sculpture; developing the first program, ECOSITE, for the design of land reclamation and earth sculpture; developing a series of large programs oriented to the lineal character of computer-driven pen plotters; developing a large library of tutorial programs and subroutines (over 150 in all) to support my creative work and teaching; and creating and exhibiting a large oeuvre of computer-graphic art that has drawn upon the resources of this library. I have also written articles and lectured extensively on computer art.

Robert Mallary
1917 – 1997

Photo by Paul Barube
Work by Robert Mallary


Ongoings: the Fine Arts Gallery would not have been possible without the effort and support of many wonderful people to whom I give my sincere and grateful thanks. While it is not possible to individually thank everyone, I would like to express a special thanks to the following: the SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Committee, the Ongoings: the Fine Arts Gallery Committee, the Curatorial Advisory Committee, and all of the SIGGRAPH 97 Ongoings artists. Without them, this exhibition could not have been possible.

I would also like to thank recent Art Show Chairs, Jeon Ippolito, Deanna Morse, and Ken O’Connell, for their advice and support. Thank you to my Pratt Institute Chair, Rick Barry, and his former assistant, Deno Slothower, for providing me with the time and assistance needed to pro­duce this exhibition. Thank you to Lino Yamaguchi and all of the Pratt Student Volunteers for their hard work. Thank you to George Schuessler for his support when I needed it most. For all her invaluable advice and support over the years, I would like to thank Copper Giloth. On behalf of all SIGGRAPH artists and those who appreciate their work, I would like to thank Patric Prince for her ongoing dedication to the SIGGRAPH artist community. Finally, thank you to my family and friends for their unconditional love and support.

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