Tammy Knipp: CASE STUDY 107

  • ©1994, Tammy Knipp

  • ©1994, Tammy Knipp

  • ©1994, Tammy Knipp

  • ©1994, Tammy Knipp

  • ©1994, Tammy Knipp



    CASE STUDY 107


Creation Year:



    computer-aided video/sculpture


Artist Statement:

    Through the interdisciplinary medium of computer-aided video/kinetic sculptures, I create interactive, performative installations. Both visual and audio elements are simultaneously experienced in the physical domain (kinesthesia), challenging perceptions of reality through illusion. By altering perceptions and creating multi-sensory experiences, the lines between 2D, time-based imagery and 3D, tactile experiences are blurred.

    These sculptural installations are assigned a CASE STUDY number (title). Each CASE STUDY encompasses three, multi-dimensional formats: the original installation; a video documentation capturing an interactive, performative aspect in which viewers become unbeknownst performers; and a mixed-media compositional design of text, image, and a nine-inch video monitor. This format depicts the work in its entirety, from concept to construction to the documentary response.

    Influenced by the cognitive processes of dyslexia and its relationship to art-making, each CASE STUDY focuses on the characteristics that surround a haptic learner. In a technologically driven culture, the reality is virtually perceived.