Jean-Pierre Hébert: Deux Lignes Ochres

  • ©1996, Jean-Pierre Hébert



    Deux Lignes Ochres


Creation Year:



    ink on paper


    60 cm X 46 cm


Artist Statement:

    The process is a convergence of mathematics and drawing. Arrangements of forms and numbers, geometries and structures, perspectives and symmetries are found and evolved in code form to produce images. This results in lines that are then drawn one by one on paper, using graphite leads, silver points, water colors, inks with pens, or brushes using analog rather than digital technology. This said, only the appearance of the process has been outlined. The mind and soul behind it remain, in fact, why and how the work is done, essential while the process remains circumstantial. Art – with computer.

    Content: no; Intent and invitation: yes.

    The work is abstract by choice.

    Mathematics is an inspiration and a path in the search for the spiritual, on inspiration and a powerful means in the conception and execution of the work. Each one will interpret abstraction at one’s own inclination and whim: so it is hoped that the work will set the viewers’ thoughts, imaginations, dreams, and meditations free.

    “a few drawings,
    mere ‘restes d’encre’,

    each, a few
    lines on a sheet of paper,

    each, countless
    & invisible
    lines of code in a computer,

    each, minute
    & uncertain
    ink strokes by an indefatigable plotter.”

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