SIGGRAPH 1992: Art Show



Art Show Overview:

The art show and the electronic theater present some of the most visually interesting applications of computing. Unlike the technology on which they are based, these works do not, if they have any lasting claim on our attention, get better. Technology improves; art changes. Past work does not become obsolete. Newer and more powerful methods may change the vocabulary and the range of issues that the contributors to the art show and the electronic theater address, but in these areas the need for a permanent record is arguably more important than in areas where the most recent work is the best work.

The Art Show has a broad charter. It presents any and all applications of computer graphics and interactive techniques in which the visual or experiential product utilizes the unique qualities of computing technology to embody the content of the work. The number of distinct areas of inquiry is so great that each year only a few of them can be sampled. This year, in addition to two- and three-dimensional work of significant interest, telecommunications is represented by three large-scale experiments. Performance and virtuality are also represented.


Exhibition Artworks: