Ken Goldberg, Claudia Vera: Inter Caetera Divina

  • ©, Ken Goldberg and Claudia Vera



    Inter Caetera Divina





Artist Statement:

    This installation explores the relationship between maps and technology. Maps are a product of civilization; their changing boundaries trace the lines of history and of the future. What is the role of information technology in bringing us closer together while defending and extending these conceptual lines?

    To emphasize the ethereal nature of the lines drawn and redrawn through history, we use on instrument of modern technologythe industrial robot armdrawing on a translucent paper. The combination of computer technology with traditional media creates a contrast of structural elements. In the background of this time­-processed theater, computer-manipulated images of birds and everyday objects are projected to represent the futility of lines drawn over nature. Robot courtesy of ABB Robotics.