Diego Gutierrez

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  • Universidad de Zaragoza, Associate Professor


  • SIGGRAPH 2012

    Diego Gutierrez is a tenured Associate Professor at the Universidad de Zaragoza, in Spain, where he leads the Graphics and Imaging Lab. His research interests include applied perception in graphics and visualization, global illumination and computational photography. Since 2006, he has already presented eight courses at both SIGGRAPH conferences. He’s currently Papers Chair for EGSR 2012, and has previously chaired other international conferences like APGV 2011. He has served on many Program  Committees, including SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia and Eurographics, and is also an Associate Editor of three journals (IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, ACM Transactions on Applied Perception and Computers & Graphics).  

    SIGGRAPH 2011

    Diego Gutierrez is an Associate Professor at the Universidad de Zaragoza, where he got his PhD in computer graphics in 2005. He now leads his group’s research on graphics, perception and computational photography. He is an associate editor of three journals, has chaired and organized several conferences and has served on numerous committees including the SIGGRAPH and Eurographics conferences.  

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