“Nonuniform Spatial Deformation of Light Fields by Locally Linear Transformations” by Birklbauer, Schedl and Bimber

  • ©Clemens Birklbauer, David C. Schedl, and Oliver Bimber




    Nonuniform Spatial Deformation of Light Fields by Locally Linear Transformations

Session/Category Title: Image and Light Field Manipulation




    Light-field cameras offer new imaging possibilities compared to conventional digital cameras. However, the additional angular domain of light fields prohibits direct application of frequently used image processing algorithms, such as warping, retargeting, or stitching. We present a general and efficient framework for nonuniform light-field warping, which forms the basis for extending many of these image processing techniques to light fields. It propagates arbitrary spatial deformations defined in one light-field perspective consistently to all other perspectives by means of 4D patch matching instead of relying on explicit depth reconstruction. This allows processing light-field recordings of complex scenes with non-Lambertian properties such as transparency and refraction. We show application examples of our framework in panorama light-field imaging, light-field retargeting, and artistic manipulation of light fields.


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