“A Dataset for Benchmarking Time-Resolved Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging” by Galindo, Wetzstein, Marco, Gutierrez, O’Toole, et al. …

  • ©Miguel Galindo, Julio Marco, Diego Gutierrez, Matthew O'Toole, and Adrian Jarabo

  • ©Miguel Galindo, Julio Marco, Diego Gutierrez, Matthew O'Toole, and Adrian Jarabo



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    A Dataset for Benchmarking Time-Resolved Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging



    Time-resolved imaging has made it possible to look around corners by exploiting information from diffuse light bounces. While there have been successive improvements in the field since its conception, so far it has only been proven to work in very simple and controlled scenarios. We present a public dataset of synthetic time-resolved Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) scenes with varied complexity aimed at benchmarking reconstructions. It includes scenes that are common in the real world but remain a challenge for NLOS reconstruction methods due to the ambiguous nature of higher-order diffuse bounces naturally occurring in them. With over 300 re-constructible scenes, the dataset contains an order of magnitude more scenes than what is available currently. The final objective of the dataset it to boost NLOS research to take it closer to its real-world applications.


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    This project has been funded by DARPA (project REVEAL), the European Research Council (ERC) under the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (project CHAMELEON, grant No 682080), the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (project TIN2016-78753-P), and the BBVA Foundation through a Leonardo grant.


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