About Us

This site is built by a volunteer and student team directed by:

Bonnie Mitchell, Professor, Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
Jan Searleman, Adjunct Research Professor, Clarkson University

Current Student Team members:

Team 2022

Alexa Mahajan – Programmer and Interface Designer
Luis Wilson – Programmer and Data Import/Export
Lane Sykes – Content Manager
Maria Palmer – Content Manager
Stephanie Vento – Content Manager
Laura Artsuo – Image Processor

Monserrat Mezo Rico – Graphic Design
Mariana Martínez Uribe – Graphic Design
Joe Jadach – Programmer

Pioneers Actively Helping with the Project

Pete Segal – Content and Advising

Works are added from the collection of:

The University of Waterloo: Craig Kaplin
Mary Whitton
Maxine Brown
Bonnie Mitchell
Dana Plepys
Jan Searleman
Aaron Hertzmann
Dave Kasik
Pete Segal

Special thanks to the following people for additional material:

Jim Blinn
Kim Wallace
Jim Foley
Alana Searleman Galny
Wim van der Plas

This archive would not be possible without the hard work and brilliance of a dedicated group of BGSU students and other volunteers over the years.

Past Team members:

Dan Pillis, Collectibles
Felix Bangert, content manager
Kiarra Reynolds, scanner

Team picture summer 2020

Summer 2020 student team:

William Maier, technical development
Prabesh Paudel, technical development
Kira Whitelow, content management
Joshua Alahira, content management
Grant Turner, content management

Previous contributors:

Jasmine Bell, technical development
Chase Fabianich, technical development

Chris von Fahnestock, technical development
Amanda Glass, content management
Deanna Granata, technical development
Breeana Hinton, content management
Joe Jadach, user interface development
Megan Miazgowicz, content management
Willow Socha, content management
Rachel Sykes, content management
Dietrick Wiles, technical development
Troy Yarnell, technical development
Dylan McDonald, programmer
Kayla Brewer, content manager (Spring and Summer 2021)


SIGGRAPH Art Archive Team

The project was sponsored by:

ACM History Fellowship
ACM SIGGRAPH History Committee
ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Committee
Bowling Green State University