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This site is built by a volunteer and student team directed by:

Bonnie Mitchell, Professor, Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
Jan Searleman, Adjunct Research Professor, Clarkson University

Current Team members:

Alexa Mahajan – Programmer and Interface Designer
Luis Wilson – Programmer and Data Import/Export
Lindsey Sykes – Content Manager
Dayle Bennett – Content Manager
Pete Segal – Content and Advising
Dan Pillis – Collectibles

Works are added from the collection of:

Mary Whitton
Maxine Brown
Bonnie Mitchell
Dana Plepys
Jan Searleman
Aaron Hertzmann
Dave Kasik
Pete Segal

Special thanks to the following people for additional material:

Jim Blinn
Kim Wallace
Alana Searleman Galny
Wim van der Plas

This archive would not be possible without the hard work and brilliance of a dedicated group of BGSU students over the years.

Past Team members:

Felix Bangert, content manager
Kiarra Reynolds, scanner

Team picture summer 2020

Summer 2020 student team:

William Maier, technical development
Prabesh Paudel, technical development
Kira Whitelow, content management
Joshua Alahira, content management
Grant Turner, content management


Previous contributors:

Jasmine Bell, technical development
Chase Fabianich
, technical development
Chris von Fahnestock, technical development
Amanda Glass, content management
Deanna Granata, technical development
Breeana Hinton
, content management
Joe Jadach, user interface development
Megan Miazgowicz
, content management
Willow Socha, content management
Rachel Sykes
, content management
Dietrick Wiles
, technical development
Troy Yarnell, technical development

Dylan McDonald, programmer

Kayla Brewer, content manager (Spring and Summer 2021)




SIGGRAPH Art Archive Team

The project was sponsored by:

ACM History Fellowship
ACM SIGGRAPH History Committee
ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Committee
Bowling Green State University