“Digital Modeling of the Appearance of Materials” by Dorsey and Sillion

  • ©Julie Dorsey and François X. Sillion



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    Digital Modeling of the Appearance of Materials

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    Introductory familiarity with computer graphics. The course assumes that attendees understand basic ideas such as setting a pixel color by specifying values of red, green, and blue, and specifying an image by positioning a digitally defined object, point lights, and a virtual pinhole camera.

    Intended Audience
    People who are interested in realistic rendering. Artists, programmers, and students interested in graphics research. Attendees may want to know how to achieve realistic material appearance with existing software packages or how to write their own code for realistically shading objects.

    Realistic computer graphics rendering requires modeling the appearance of physical materials. This course covers the range of techniques for specifying materials, including classifying physical materials by observation, basic mathematical representation, modeling material appearance change over time, and integrating material models into rendering systems.


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