“Hand-Shadow Illusions and 3D DDR Based on Efficient Model Retrieval” by Yeh, Chiang, Huan, Lin, Yu, et al. …

  • ©Jeng-Sheng Yeh, Jen-Yuan Chiang, Ting-Hao Huan, Li-Fong Lin, Ming-Yang Yu, Jean Y.C. Tsai, Chung-Lin Wen, Liang-Kai Wang, Ding-Yun Chen, Yung-Yu Chuang, Robin Bing-Yu Chen, and Ming Ouhyoung


Entry Number: 13


    Hand-Shadow Illusions and 3D DDR Based on Efficient Model Retrieval



    Just like the popular Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) dance game original created by Konami, we build an installation art system that can either let children play hand-shadow illusions, or let them pose their body within limited time with background music playing, so that the human pose can match the hint images dynamically shown on the screen.

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    We would like to thank Digimax and Ming Hsun Yu for providing the audios used in our system. This project is partially supported by NSC 94-2752-E002-007-PAE and NSC 94-2213-E-002-035.


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