“High-Resolution, Real-Time-Geometry Video Acquisition System” by Zhang, Royer and Yau

  • ©Song Zhang, Dale Royer, and Shing-Tung Yau



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    High-Resolution, Real-Time-Geometry Video Acquisition System



    “Can you capture the motion of a smile in 3-D?” This demonstration presents such a geometry video acquisition system that measures both geometries and positions of objects accurately. The data acquisition speed is 90 fps and over one quarter million points per frame. Acquisition, reconstruction, and display are simultaneously realized at 30 fps.

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    ZHANG, S., AND HUANG, P. 2004. High-resolution, real-time 3-d shape acquisition. In IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop on Real-time 3D Sensors and Their Uses, vol. 3, 28–37.

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    We want to thank Gene Royer, Vicki Royer, Franciane Royer, Mark Royer, Anna Royer, Lori Royer, and Jeffrey Shattuck for serving as models. We also want to thank Anastasia Robins for her artwork. Finally, Dr. Zhang would like to give special thanks to his Ph.D. advisor, Prof. Peisen S. Huang at Stony Brook University, for leading him into this research field. This work was done at Geometric Informatics Inc funded by the Advanced Technology Program (ATP) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


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