“Freqtric Drums” by Baba and Tomimatsu

  • ©Tetsuaki Baba and Kiyoshi Tomimatsu

  • ©Tetsuaki Baba and Kiyoshi Tomimatsu


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    Freqtric Drums



    Today, telecommunications penetrate our daily life, like the telephone, e-mail, chat on the Internet, etc. Certainly it is convenient and necessary to use these electronic ways of communication, which offer a certain proximity in distance. However, face-to-face, moreover, body-to-body communication is also necessary for human life to recover its inherent sensitivity. Especially, skin contact and sounds have an original power of communication. This kind of primordial communication is characterized by the corporal presence of each other and an interaction of bodies through skin contact, auditory contact like voice, singing, music, and body’s movement in presence like gestures or dance etc., which are absent from a virtual space communication. Freqtric Drums is a new musical corporalelectronic instrument, which enables us not only to recover the faceto- face communication, but also to enhance the possibility of our body-to-body communication, so that our self-consciousness based on our closed proper body can receive significant change, being open to another body and becoming a part of another body. This electronic device is also a sort of toy providing a place for the encounter and the play of bodies known or unknown to each other, and for the discovery of the materiality of our existence in relationships with each other.

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©Tetsuaki Baba and Kiyoshi Tomimatsu


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