“Forehead Retina System” by Kajimoto, Kanno and Tachi

  • ©Hiroyuki Kajimoto, Yonezo Kanno, and Susumu Tachi

  • ©Hiroyuki Kajimoto, Yonezo Kanno, and Susumu Tachi


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    Forehead Retina System



    The goal of our project is to provide a cheap, lightweight, yet fully functional system that provides rich and dynamic 2D environmental information to the blind. The Forehead Retina System (FRS)- composed of a small camera and 512 electrodes on the foreheadcaptures the view in front, extracts outlines from the view, and converts the outlines to tactile sensation by electrical stimulation. Using this device, the users can ”see” the surrounding environment with their forehead skin, without using their eyes.

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