“Painterly Rendering With Designed Imperfection” by Park, Koo, Barry, Hong, Huh, et al. …

  • ©Jin Wan Park, Bon Ki Koo, Rick Barry, Sung Dea Hong, Soo Jung Huh, Seung Whan Go, Kyung Hyun Yoon, and Seung Taek Ryoo



    Painterly Rendering With Designed Imperfection



    Digital rendering of attendee portraits that resemble traditional paintings. The process is displayed in real time on a 50-inch PDP monitor, and the output is printed to paper via color inkjet and provided to the subject.

    This project, supported by the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication, represents more than implementation of a tool for creation of painterly rendering; it is the result of ongoing scientific research. A collection of artists and scientists from Chung-Ang University and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute formed a research team with the goal of simulating a representational painting style that achieves human-like imperfection.

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