Miguel Fiadante: Dream Stage 3 – Procession

  • ©, Miguel Fiadante




    Dream Stage 3 - Procession



    Collage and digital collage drawing photo, paint, Cruse scan, Photoshop, Maya


    21" x 40"


Artist Statement:

    Dream Stage 3 explores Raffic Ahamed’s “Procession” dream in a 2D and 3D environment. In “Procession,” we are in a dream state made up of structural elements from three religions: a mosque, a church, and a Hindu temple. The women in the procession are from Adivasi (Indian tribal communities). They have obscured faces or are faceless, which is indicative of the situation of the Adivasi woman in Indian life. We see symbols of Indian folk traditions, including puppets, pots and the “dummy” horse. As in modern Indian life, the dream state is mixed with Western presence in the form of cherubs, heralds, and stained-glass windows.

    The 2D realization is a collage of drawings, magazine clippings, and paint. This is juxtaposed with the 3D digital collage animation. Each has its own power and ability to communicate. The 2D version engages and requires the “animation” to happen in the mind, mean­ing that each viewer has a unique personal rendering of the dream. However, the viewer of the 2D image must start from a singular perspective. With the 3D version, the viewer moves further into the dream and may commence the journey from different perspectives and junctures. The dream becomes more enveloping in the 3D ver­sion: a deeper representation of the dream state itself.

Technical Information:

    The collage was scanned using a Cruse CS285 ST wide-format scanner, generating a file of approximately 200MB. The image was then dissected into numerous layers and elements in Adobe Photoshop. Approximately 70 percent of these elements were then re-created in Maya. The various elements were then re-assembled and animated in Maya and finally exported as a movie file. Direction and editing were discussed between the artists via email.