“Powder Screen: A Virtual Materializer” by Noguchi, Kimura, Ohuchi, Shimizu, Aoki, et al. …

  • ©Jun Noguchi, Koichiro Kimura, Masayoshi Ohuchi, Hiromi Shimizu, Takafumi Aoki, Jiro Baba, Shoichi Hasegawa, and Makoto Sato


Entry Number: 27


    Powder Screen: A Virtual Materializer



    Real Objects have a sense of existence that cannot be represented through the solely displaying of images. Humans are able to perceive properties of materials that cannot be replicated by virtual objects. When we create, deform or handle real objects in the real world we constantly face numerous restrictions. Virtual objects are free from these restrictions but lack real presence. In order to transform the way we interact with and perceive virtual objects, the development of a technology capable of making smooth transitions between virtual and real world was required. This development resulted on the proposed Powder Screen.

    The Powder Screen is capable of combining the best of both worlds (virtual and real), resulting on enhanced interactions. Transformations between virtual objects into real objects and vice versa are executed without user’s awareness. The screen not only enables materialization of virtual objects, but also adds new interactive features to applications, such as physically touching and grabbing projected objects; differing from other projects [Iwata et al. 2005], by using real object shapes and not just arbitrary shapes.

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